Online horsehair jewelry workshop in Japan
A dream

Japan for me

It is a great honor for me to be invited to an online horsehair jewelry workshop in Japan.

Japan is a special country. A dream that seems unattainable.

I worked for a Japanese company in Hungary for 16 years, and I always admired the Japanese. They are respectful, their duty of duty and their work ethic are impressive. I love them.

by Monica

Online Horsehair Jewelry Workshop

That’s why I was looking forward to meeting you, even if only online. After lengthy negotiations and preparation, the horsehair raw materials also arrived in Tokyo on time. Here, the members of the Hungarian Cultural Center, the Liszt Institute, were as excited as I was.

The workshop was announced for 16 people and was filled in a short time. I was excited to meet them. Even now, I was impressed by their attitude, their enthusiasm.

horsehair workshop tokio
horsehair workshop in tokio
Horshairbymonica in Japan

We made a horsehair pendant

Due to the thin threads and meticulous workmanship, the pendant takes a long time to make. Therefore, my assistants, Emese (Dr. Emese Kovács, Cultural Attaché) and Yumi (Yumi Terazaki, assistant, administrative manager) did the preparations and did a great job. In this way, those interested could start working immediately. While working, I briefly introduced the branch of horsehair jewelry I represented, which received a lot of attention.
I also saw and felt the attention and concentration through a monitor. I really liked that everyone waited patiently when he got stuck at work. And when they was done came to me one by one to the monitor and proudly showed me the finished pieces.

I was immeasurably proud of them for doing the job so skillfully. Who did better, who did less, but everyone was happy to take their necklaces home. I was very proud when everyone stood one by one in front of the screen projected on the wall to take a photo with me. It is an honor for me.

by Monica


I can’t be grateful enough for this experience! The sparkling eyes, the curious people who want to learn are always impressed. I will spend a long time from this experience!

Thank you very much! Thank you Emese and Yumi!