Unique Horsehair Jewelry

Special offer for you: Horsehair Collection

Collection color: brown, black, white
Length: necklace: 50 cm, bracelet: 21 cm, earrings: 7 cm
Price together: € 430
ID: TC07-015 Question and order: here


The horsehair necklaces creation time 3-4 weeks often. The work is very slow and my eyes tired too. Most times I make earrings and brackelets next to the necklace. Most common item is small ring. This made just from one hair. One hair length 30-40 cm. I use horsetail hair. Of course thorough soaking and cleaning after. Made of horsehair the buckle too. I don’t use any other ingredients.


The horsehair bracelets are very beautiful and unique jewelry. For hollow forms I use a wooden tool and a thin needle. The horsehair bracelets length 20-21 cm. If you want bigger or smaller, send a message. Apart from horse hair, I do not use any other material here.


Some horsehair earrings are large and striking. Some are tiny and subdued. Each is unique in design. I use a nickel free clip for the earrings. It’s the only foreign substance in my jewelry.