Tradition Story

Making of horshair jewel!

Using of horsehair (tail and mane) is looking back on thousands of years probably it is the same age as horse keeping.

In the past centuries especially the herds have made consumer goods and fancy goods from horsehair in their rest times.

Furtheremore the making of jewellery was popular pastime for children.

Those children who lived in villages could easily get at basic material while those who lived is towns couldn’t that is why they cut the tails of those horses which were put to a carriage in secret.

They made rings, neclaces, watch straps during some boring lessons so the upset teachers probably had a nice collection.

Outlaws and prisoners of war made a lot of goods during they did their time.

When they had no horsehair they used their own hair.

Rings and needle holders were made mostly but they bound the buttons, handle of shaving brush and pipe.

Because of the strength and flexibility of the horsehair very nice and complicated pieces were made but maybe the making of these goods took several month.

There is a document for this. According to the document there was a craftman who made a curtain of horsehair which probably was a life-work.

According to researches there are some proof that Austrian sisters taught children how to make jewels from horsehair.

They organized jewel making contests and for example the prize was a corn bread in 1915.

This profession demands a lot of time that’s why it almost fell into oblivion.

In 1970 an elderly man, Sandor Bodrogi folk artist recalled what did he do in his childhood and he started to teach this craft to more nad more people.